Sansetto no Tenshi 1:Kotaru Tomo

Just a note to the public [or private]: I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY. Once again, I have been very persistent and asked for my friend, Kairu (not her real name) if I could borrow it. So, have fun! (I'm her editor) I edited some parts. Sansetto was once a lively and bubbly high school girl back...

I'm Fujioka FUuko!!! Chapter 2: Kirio's mom

Since that day, Kirio-kun and I have been eating together. Kirio-kun was really fun to be with. We had a lot of similarities! When he first went to my house, Lin-chan greeted him cheerfully even if she has just met him. Then, Kirio-kun knelt down and patted her head. He said Lin-chan was really...

I'm Fujioka Fuuko!!! chapter 1: Fated Meeting~

 Hi. I'm Fujioka. Fujioka Fuuko. My parents left me when I was very little... I was gladky taken in by my grandmother, but last year, she died, so I've been living by myself, recently.My uncle is able to pay for my school, but he can't have me at his house. At Sakura High, my school, I don't...


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