I'm Fujioka FUuko!!! Chapter 2: Kirio's mom

Since that day, Kirio-kun and I have been eating together.

Kirio-kun was really fun to be with. We had a lot of similarities! When he first went to my house, Lin-chan greeted him cheerfully even if she has just met him. Then, Kirio-kun knelt down and patted her head. He said Lin-chan was really cute... That reminds me, I haven't even seen his house yet... I guess I could ask him

"um.." I said," Kirio-kun, what does your house look like?"

"Eh?" he asked, " My house? I guess it's pretty normal if you ask me."


I really want to see his house! But I have to think of an excuse that won't be so suspicious...Hmm..AHA!

"Kirio-kun, you said you had a cat, right? I would like to see it."

"Bad idea" he said.