About Sakura Keiko


Ahem. We don't have any awards yet... but somewhere in the future, maybe THERE WILL BE AN AWARD FOR THIS SITE. DO you agree? If you don't, you're mean... JUST KIDDING.I'm very forgetful! Well, I don't really know my qualities...I consider myself a half-otaku. I think it's okay for me to make a website for otakus, when I'm just a half-otaku. SO sorry if I don't meet your expectations. 

You know nobody is perfect....

But I'm nobody, so I'm perfect.

Just Kidding. In my school, there are many people who DETEST anime, but I try to reason with them and explain that SOME animes suck, while some are actually kind of... cool. But there are also many otakus in my school. I call them different names like: Chocolate cosmo...Sayuki... Well, they just call me by my real name... but I would prefer Keiko...I have absolutely no idea where I got the name Sakura Keiko... I just.. Knew.. And I'm not weird as I look...You know, if you saw my face, it doesn't really fit my personality...Well, other people said so... ANd I am very self-conscious... but I'm not perfect.If nobody is 1 and perfect is 10, I'd be like 4 or somewhere around that. Truth is, I DON'T STAND OUT.I'm just..well, normal. And I don't really know what else to put in this ABOUT SAKURA KEIKO page, so.. I just told you my life story..

If you have any questions just e-mail me and write on the subjct box: To Sakura Keiko. If you don't put that, I may just ignore your e-mail thinking its just some of those people who randomly sends e-mail. SO put To Sakura Keiko...

That's all I can say. Arigato gozaimasu

History of Sakura Keiko

I created this site, so that I could understand otakus more and hope that someday, I would be A full-otaku. I'd love to be one... but I can't say that I'm a full otaku and not know that mnay things about anime and manga... That would be Humiliating..And so I would like to tell you the many reasons why this website was made:

  • Because I want to learn about other otakus in the world... What mangas do they like? What animes do they watch?
  • I' d like to make many friends [Well, that sounded wrong..]
  • I would like to show the world that I CAN DO WHAT ANY OTHER PERSON CAN DO. I don't want to be extraordinary OR ordinary.
  • I would like to share my thoughts with people WHO UNDERSTAND ME.
  • Lastly, I thought it would be fun to make a website