I'm Fujioka Fuuko!!! chapter 1: Fated Meeting~

 Hi. I'm Fujioka. Fujioka Fuuko. My parents left me when I was very little... I was gladky taken in by my grandmother, but last year, she died, so I've been living by myself, recently.My uncle is able to pay for my school, but he can't have me at his house.

At Sakura High, my school, I don't have many friends...   

                Correction:    I don't have ANY friends...

Let's just say... I'm very shy...


One day, on my way to school, I heard a noise... like a person clumsily dropped some books. I went to its source and found a boy, probably my age, picking up his books and shoving them back to his bag... I don't know why, but I found myself helping him pick them up.

He said, " Thanks. I'm just really clumsy."

I chuckled. Then, I remembered the time.

I exclaimed, "Oh no! If I'm late again, Sawako-sensei will punish me...again."


He asked, " Sawako-sensei? Do you go to Sakura High, maybe?"

I nodded. I excused my self and went on my way... Wait... IF I'm going to be late... Then he'll be late too...I arrived at the classroom one minute before 8:00. 

Sawako-sensei said, "If you've gotten here a few minutes later, you should've been late."

I laughed nervously...It turned out that the guy I met earlier was one of my classmates, Hiiragizawa Kirio.I never paid attention to other people, so I never noticed him.


Kirio-kun followed me around during lunchbreak, asking me random questions like:

"Hey, what's your name? You haven't told me that yet."

"What color do like?"

"Where do you live?"

I just kept walking hoping he would get tired, but unfortunately, I was the one who go tired. I decided to eat my lunch on a bench...with a guy I just met. But still, he looks very nice. Except the fact that he's so persistent.

I sat down. He sat down beside me.We ate our bentos. His bento looked really delicious.... He must have a very caring mother. 

I complimented him, "That looks delicious, Kirio-kun! Who made it?"

He answered, "Huh? This looks delicious? My older sister made it."

I said, "You're so lucky to have to such a nice sister."

He said, "Well, I PAY her to do this, coz I'm gonna die if I eat my homemade food."

I laughed lightly and asked, "Don't you have a mom?"

He said, "Well, my mom's always working.She says she's always busy. I don't think she even loves us anymore."

I couldn't stop my self from saying, "That's not true! She just doesn't know any other way of showing her love to you! She thinks if she works hard enough, she might satisfy you and your sister. It's not true. ALL mothers love their children..."

He stared at me for a moment, then said, "Yeah. Maybe you're right. Well,for now, itadakimassu!"

I said, "Itadakimassu."

It's been a long time since I've eaten with someone. For some reason, Kirio-kun, calls me 'Fuu-Chan'. I think it's weird. But I shouldn't say that to someone I just met... He might hate me for it. 

I think something great is waiting for me in the near future....