Sansetto no Tenshi 1:Kotaru Tomo

Just a note to the public [or private]: I DO NOT OWN THIS STORY. Once again, I have been very persistent and asked for my friend, Kairu (not her real name) if I could borrow it. So, have fun! (I'm her editor) I edited some parts.

Sansetto was once a lively and bubbly high school girl back then...She had a circle of friends until--

"San, are you ready to die?"

"Wha-- what do you mean?"

"This is enough! I'm tired of seeing you in the limelight!" [SK: I wonder if it should be spotlight instead...Oh well]

"Yumi-chan, did I do something wrong?"




Sansetto was pushed into a cliff. She died that day.


When she rose to heaven, she became an angel by the nickname "Sansetto no Tenshi" Ever since Sansetto was young, she loved to read fairytales with romantic stories. She expected to have a wonderful love life, just like the main characters.


And so because of this...



"St Peter-san!!! Please...bring me back in there!!."

"You are an angel, yet why are you blabbing?"

"I'l' scream if you don't."

"Shut your mouth. I'll be talking to the other souls!."


And so, Sansetto did scream. Because of the loud shout, all the other angels, saints and souls got annoyed. They requested that St. Peter must grant Sansetto's wish.


Soon, Sansetto was gettung ready for her departure.


"See you in your next death..."Milan, another angel, smiled at her (Spoiler: Milan has a very special part in this story! Sorry. Couldn't help it..)

"Let's see if I'll be coming up-or not." Sansetto laughed.


Meanwhile, there was a thunderstorm on land. A loud crash was heard. That was... the result of Sansetto's fall from heaven. SHe fell and fell. It was a long fall. It really was higher than how a sky diver falls from. She passed through clouds, different things up in the air-even an ariplane. By the time she was almost down, the thunderstorms were completely gone.


A guy was below her feet. She was so embarassed. She gave out a very loud shout. "KYAA~!"


Luckily, she was caught in time. Well, thetruth is, the guy didn't have the thought to catch her, but she fell on him. Both said at the same time, "ow.."


Sansetto looked at the guy. "Are you alright, miss?" The guy asked her. She just kept silent and stood up. SHe looked behind her and said, "Where are my wings?!". The guy's first thought about her was--she was a WEIRDO. "Uhm, you're a human. You don't have wings." The guy chuckled. Sansetto started to remember that she really wished to be a human once again. "Ah, I'm so sorry..." she apologised.

"No. You don't need to say that! By the way, I'm...Kotaru TOmo. How about you?"