THE REAL STEP 1:Introducing yourself

25/10/2010 14:02

 Introducing yourself is one of the most basic things you have to know. But 'basic' doesn't mean easy. It can be as short as saying your name or as long as stating your name, age, address, and other information about yourself. Let's start with the easy one.

Take note that the underlined words are names. Change them to your own names when you use them.

Watashiwa Sakura Keiko desu! [I am Sakura Keiko]

Usually, people in Japan bow to the elderly when introducing themselves... mostly, girls. But that doesn't necessarily mean you HAVE to bow. You can pick whatever you want. 


Ohayou Gozaimasu. Watashiwa Sakura Keko desu. Ikaga desu ka? [Good morning, I'm Sakura Keiko. How are you?]

I added some words that will help you from being rude. I mean if you just say , "I AM SAKURA KEIKO" to an old woman, I'm sure she'd slap you in the face...Maybe...I never tried it before, so I don't know.

Onamae wa nanto ii-masu ka? [What is your name?]

You can add this to watashiwa Sakura keiko desu. It makes you sound friendly and polite.

Hajimemashite! [Nice to meet you] or the formal way: Yoroshiko onegai shimasu [Pleased to meet you]

Of course, if someone tells you their name, you just don't stand there, you can tell them that you are very glad that you've met them.



See? That wasn't so hard was it? But if you want to learn more like stating your address, feel free to write in our feedback page. I will definitely answer it, sooner or later. Good luck meeting some friends!


Excercise: Introduce yourself to an otaku or a Japanese person you don't know using the words above... Good Luck!