06/03/2011 00:01

Gomen for not being active for a long time, but I've been really busy.

Please read other stories at My name there is Sakura Keiko(as usual) and a proud to tell you that I already have 5 stories there and am aleady a Beta Reader(still confused of what that means, though)

Life is good...My tests turned out to be fine (except the Civics...)


OH WELL! Let bygones be bygones!! That's all in the past now!! Let me introduce you to my little sis, FUuko!!

Hi, minna-san!! It's so nice to met you!!! I really apologize for my onee-san's weirdness and notacceptance of her test grades

HEY!!! You're mean!!

However, she still is my sister so I have to help her.

YAY! You're the best imoto ever, FUuko!!

I already know that so there isn't any reason to hug me, ne?

Umm....I don't quite understand, but whatever!!!

I will start appearing on Fuuko's stories and I will tell her all the mistakes.

Is insult or a compiment?

Think of it as sisterly accompanient.

O...kay...Well that's all for today, minna!!

Ja ne!!!