26/01/2011 20:45

Happy Birthday, Megumi!!! That's my youngest sister's [pen] name. It's her birthday today!! SHe's still just 7 years old, but sometimes she's pretty annoying. But that doesn't mean I don't love her! Oh, I also just recently joined Fanfiction.net. I've been reading stories there for a year, but I only decided to join now. If you want to search me, my name is Sakura Keiko (It was first SakuraKeiko555, but I decided to take out the 555, because it was too...unusual, and I'm thankful that no other person has the name Sakura Keiko). I'm trying to make a Fruits Basket fanfic, and miserably failing....

Also, to Kairu: Arigatou for letting me borrow your Sansetto (even though I had only posted one chapter for now....)

Here is a list of websites I like:







Now, we are having our Palaro or you could call it 'Games Week'. That's all. (I won in my game by the way and I'm not telling you what it is)

And lastly I LOVE M FAMILY!!!