STEP 1: Introducing yourself!

23/10/2010 23:26


    This page is especially made for people going to japan, otakus, or going-to-be otakus that want to learn how to speak Japanese! Since anime is japanese, we otakus, love to speak japanese. But if you don't know how, you will feel 'left-out', so that's why I created this page! After a few days, you WILL be able to succeed! If you don't, I'll be cursed forever...My curse will be... 



So just follow my instructions and you'll be like an expert in no time... Though, I may not be able to update much...BUT I'LL TRY MY BEST!

But before that...

MEET MY TWO SISTERS!!! (Fuuko and Megumi aren't their real names.)

Fuuko says, "GAMBATTE, Keiko-chan!!"

Megumi says, "I think onee-chan will never update this."