28/12/2010 11:54

Well, it's only 4 days to go until New Year! I'm so excited!! Oh, and I made a VERY UNIQUE New Year's resolution list. Here it is!

  • I will not spend my money for 10 months in order to buy myself a DS. (My dad won't buy me one)
  • I will focuse on my studies so my dream school MIGHT consider my grades (I said might didn't I?)
  • I will update SakuraKeiko every other week. (This is a super promise! Except before periodicals...Gomen!)
  • I will stop teasing my sister (I have been saying this every year, but I still can't do it...)
  • I will finish my stories. (Of course I will...in a large amount of time..)

Ha! I bet NO ONE has a  more original new year's resolution... *sigh* saying that name is boring so I'll acronimize it!! [Keiko's dictionary: Acronimize- make an acronym from a really long name] ---ACRONIMIZATION PROCESSING-- NYRL. Okay No one has a more original nyrl than moi!!!

I don't know if I can do the others but I'm certain I will do the VERY FIRSTone! I promise! coz my dad won't buy me a ds, coz he says it's too "expensive" and " a waste of time". Well, I know he can't object if it's from my own money!!! So I shall Not buy a book a week, like I usually do. Oh and I also have some start of about 1000 pesos from christmas.

You know... I think kagamine rin's songs are nice. Most are really funny, while some are really sad... But don't get me wrong. Miku's voice is amazing and all, but I  think Rin's songs are better. Those who object, raise your hands and say "I am weird". Just kidding. I think we all have an opinion and we have freedom to choose our fave vocaloi-- CHOOSE RIN ALREADY!!!!