IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25/12/2010 11:29

Hello everyone! Today's CHristmas!! AT last! I've been waiting for this day since June! I've always loved Christmas.

    At our house, we kind of made a tradition. EVery new year and christmas, we organize our very own party in our dining room and stay up until about two o'clock. Last new year, while everyone was singing downstairs, I was watching Hayate no Gotoku. It was really a special day. Last night, some relatives came [some means TWO] and slept over here. Our dad is seldom here on Christmas, but he still calls. Last night, he called at 1:30 am.

    Christmas is very special not only because we recieve lots and lots of gifts, but because we can sharte our gifts to others. I was the M.C. yesterday and it was so fun!!! I hope you all enjoyed your CHristmas too!