22/12/2010 22:04
I am so VERY SORRY I haven't been very active recently... gomen...BUT I promise I'll make it up to you!! Especially Kairu. She has been bugging me to do something to my website.
 Life has been good. Right now I'm enjying my CHristmas break and am here to remind you that christmas is THREE DAYS AWAY!!!!

Also, I am asking permission from Kairu if I can borrow her story (Sansetto) and put it here! please, please, please! If it's okay with you,please send me the story in my e-mail adress: sakurakeiko@yahoo.com. And that also goes for everyone else! If you want your stories posted here, please e-mail me!!

I AM IN DIRE NEED OF STORIES RIGHT NOW!!! And also I'm in dire need of amazing authors, because I, myself, am not. I have been watching Zero No Tsukaima and almost finished!! I love this show!!!! Honestly, I think someone should give me a cd of it on Christmas.

But my dAD practically hates anime and says its not worth my time. Well, anyway, he bought me a new MP4 which is purple. And I really like it. My sister, Fuuko, got 2 dresses and Megumi got a brand new pair of rubber shoes, which I'm begging her to let me borrow on our Palaro.