24/12/2010 12:14

Christmas is about 12 hours away!! I'm so excited!!! But even though all I want for CHristmas is about 100 sheets of bond paper, I can't still get it. You know, my dream is to be a famous author someday! Although, I'm not really sure I can do it... But I'm still trying my best!.

Even though I HATE writing drafts, rewriting, and checking for errors and rewriting again, I'm still going to do it. But I think doing the things I've mentioned above are pretty boring, so here's what I do! I write, ask for suggestions, erase the errors with correction fluid then print! See? That sounds a lot easier.

By the way, at a very young age, my sisers have found out that mom is the one who puts candies in our socks. So disappointing...

Anyway, advanced merry christmas, minna!!!!!

I hope you enjoy the wonderful [holiday] day of CHristmas. In the philippines, we have a novena, or we go to the church every night starting from some day to some day. All I know is that it is 9 days... or was it 8?

Anyway, ... once again:

MERRY CHRISTMAS, MINNA!!!![and happy new year and happy holidays and seasons greetings and ...]